Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming soon

Well, I never finished my Spielberg’s articles, and now I feel too far away from them to be able to write a proper conclusion. But I just want to clarify one thing before moving forward: although I first intended to, I didn’t include Spielberg’s dramas in my analysis, mainly because it was already long enough and I didn’t want to linger longer on the subject. This omission may seem like they are, in some ways, lesser movies, or that they’re not concerned with the same ideas than their more spectacular brethren, but all of Spielberg’s movies are, indeed, interrelated, and a proper, complete, picture of his cinema isn’t possible without them. Maybe I’ll come back to it someday (when I'll finally see Lincoln?)

Now, for what’s coming next: I will slowly come to the subject of videogames, as the subtitle of my blog says I should, by first developing a bit about the notion of the author I lightly touch upon in one of my previous article, before trying to see how it can fit in the context of videogames. Both my analysis of Welles and Spielberg were means to implicitly introduce the critical approach I want to apply to videogames: both filmmakers laid down in their movies their aesthetic philosophy, which I tried to outline, while using myself a somewhat similar approach to the one I tried to describe (at least that was the intent). These are two of my closest friend-filmmakers, not so much because of what they think, but more essentially because of how they think. This is probably still vague for now, but I’ll try to make it clearer, starting soon enough.